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Agricultural Silo

Apr 15, 2015
Agricultural Silo
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KMEC Good Quality Small Oil Extraction Machine

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Small oil extraction machine

Solvent extraction method is using the principle of solid-liquid extraction. Choose the solvent which could dissolve the oil, alternative solvent technologies have been extensively reviewed.  Spraying and soaking the flakes, expanded material, pre-press cakes, then extracting the oil from the oil raw material. The process of oil extraction could be divided into four progresses, they are oil extraction, miscella evaporation, wet meat desolventizing &toasting, Solvent & gumming recovery.
KMEC could offer you 30-300T/D rapeseed, cotton seed, canola seed, soybean, etc oil extraction machine and plant, direct solvent extraction is the most widely used oil-recovery method for soybeans, but it also requires considerable capital and large scale to compete. We could offer the Turnkey project, including design(technical process, building, electricity), manufacturing, installation, testing, and after-sale service. KMEC small oil extraction machines are all adopts the automatically control system, which could keep the whole line work automatically, and stable.  We offer the customized drawing. Everything we do is for the customer is the theory of KMEC. We produce scale oil extraction machine, which only need small invest and will get more return. 

Brief Introduction of Oil Extraction Process

Choose the solvent, spraying and soaking the oil material with the solvent. 
Following a diagram for direct  solvent-extracting soybeans as an example.
oil extraction process
Rotocel extractor is the popular extractor using in the oil extraction. Widely used for vegetable oil extraction. The advantages of the rotocel extractor is high bed of material, high concentration of miscella, low meal sludge in the miscella, simple structure, running stable, low failure rate, easy maintenance, etc.
The grid of the roctocel extractor is made of stainless steel, and we add the crosswise grid, which could avoid the miscella flow to the material discharger, and keep the extraction effect.
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