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Sep 26, 2012
112th canton fair
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Seed Processing Machinery

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Seed processing machinery available in today's market for the process of seed treatment are categorized as Seed Cleaners, Seed Flakers, Seed Crackers / Breakers, Hullers, Copra Cutters, Decorticators / Separators, Destoners, Hammer Mills / Disintegrators, Boilers, Seed Cookers / Heating Kettles, Seed Elevators, Seed Conveyors, etc. One of the main advantages of using these seed processing equipment is that they save a lot of labour, which otherwise is lost just by doing the same things manually. This in turn helps in saving precious time as well as increases the output of oil production. By making use of seed processing equipment, the oil that is extracted is also of the highest and purest quality as these machinery provide more accurate and precise results.

Seed Processing Machinery

Seed Processing Machinery

Seed Processing Machinery Features - Gravity Separator

1. Rectangular Deck for greater capacity and accuracy, quickly & easily interchangeable type.
2. Fans are dynamically balanced with individually adjustable air control for each fan for precise control of air flow.
3. All the fans are mounted on one common shaft.
4. Variable oscillation speed of deck in wide range.
5. Variable inclination of deck sidewise and lengthwise in wide range.
6. Air Chamber, Sieve Deck assembly and spouts are self cleaning type.
7. Belt guard provided.
8. Sieve reciprocating provided by means of eccentric and connecting rods.
9. Heavy duty and rebust structural frame to absorb the vibrations.
10. Seed Collecting spouts are fitted with bag holding clamps.
11. Eccentrics are counter balanced giving smooth oscillation action to the deck.
12. Big Feeding Hopper with adjustable height and variable feeding rate through controlled gate.
13. Built in air filters can be easily removed for easy access to the moving parts.
14. Screw type arrangement for each fan for controlling the quantity of air.

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